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Multichain NFT War Game

Public Beta Live now!

The multi-blockchain will allow EXMOC commanders to battle against other blockchains, $EXMOC native token is distributed as a reward to the players, and players will be able to win tokens based on their battle performance.


Welcome to the brand new
EXMOC Multichain NFT Game

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The EXMOC multi-blockchain will allow EXMOC commanders to battle against other blockchains.

ERC-721 NFT Trading Cards with
5 Rarities type

Where to buy

You can buy EXMOC NFT on other Marketplace


Easy to play, hard to strategise


Strategy is critical in creating the best team for the given situation. Each battle has a different combination of cards with 20+ unique abilities, which allow players to turn the tide of battle in unexpected and exciting ways!

Gaming Unleashed

Game of Metas allows anybody to play, earn cards and trade. Players need to create a set of cards to defeat their opponent. NFT card games come in five different rarity types, Intern, Flyer, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. In addition, these cards have abilities and come from 12 factions. The way cards work together is dependent on all these additional attributes.

Building your portfolio on crypto games
has never been so much fun! Game of Metas makes it easy to get involved with cryptocurrency. You’ll be glad to know that Game of Metas has cross-compatibility with other blockchains such as Binance, Ethereum, Matic, Tron, and WAX for new crypto users.

Artboard Copy 7.png
ERC-721 NFT Trading cards come with:
5 Rarities

There are five Rarity types: Intern, Flyer, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. Each has a different level and health.

5+ Skills

Forms of Attack Melee, Ranged, Magic, Healer, and Philosopher more to come.

5 Elements

Metabeings on planet CoRoT-7b are born with Cold, Fire, Lightning, Physical, and Poison elements. And more Metabeings are on the secured clinical trial.

20+ Abilities

Unique metabeing abilities allow players to turn the tide of battle in unexpected and exciting ways!

10,000+ Unique Card

An ever-growing library of cards gives players a robust variety of combinations. Collect them all!


How to get started

play to earn

Game of Metas makes it easy to earn rewards daily. Players can win prizes from Battle, Ranked play, and Tournaments! No matter your skill level or
card collection size, EXMOC's crypto card game there is always an opportunity to earn!


EXMOC Roadmap and Our Vision


What we delivered


20 November 2022

The multi-blockchain feature will allow EXMOC commanders to battle against other blockchains, which means Ethereum blockchain commanders can battle against Binance Smart Chain Commanders or Matic blockchain commanders.

This feature will scale up the EXMOC game to millions of NFT gamers, becoming the real game battlefield between Ethereum vs Binance or Binance vs Matic or Ethereum vs Matic. It's time to Muscle up!

In future, we will add support to other multi-blockchains.


Next release


20 December 2022

Gameplay Experience

Enhance the gameplay and allow the commanders to reuse their heroes on their battlefield.

$EXMOC Coin Utilities

As a club for digital collectables and art using blockchain technology, is shaping up to become more than a club.

Buy NFTs with EXMOC coin

Buy NFTs with $EXMOC 

A Binance Smart Chain token, $EXMOC, is used as the base currency on The $EXMOC coins can be purchased on crypto exchanges using fiat currencies.

Exmoc Airdrop and IRL Events' Eligibility

$EXMOC NFT card game

On our EXMOC NFT game, battle cards are collected or bought to compete in battle, where players can buy cards or win $EXMOC. While playing our crypto games.

Exmoc Animal Welfare Charity

NFT Card Renting

NFT collectors can rent their collections to gamers, allowing owners to monetize those benefits without selling their NFTs, and rewards are paid out on $EXMOC Coins.

Exmoc NFT Gaming

In Game Staking

Incentivising players to stake more $EXMOC tokens for extended periods, games can organically grow a thriving economy with extra benefits for its most committed or active players.


What is the $EXMOC coin?

Exmoc is a blockchain gaming and NFT card gaming company which functions on the $EXMOC token, where users can purchase NFT trading cards and resell the purchased NFTs on NFT Marketplace.

The Exmoc platform makes purchasing and selling unique digital items like artworks and collectibles easy. crypto card game marketplace gives users a purchase platform that can be sorted and filtered by different categories to help them have a seamless and easy experience.

On, a crypto card game has play to earn feature, which makes nft gaming attractive.

$EXMOC Token Details 

Coin code: EXMOC

Contract address: 


Blockchain: Binance Smart Chain

Algorithm: BEP-20

Total supply: 90 Billion

Buy $EXMOC Token 

Buy EXMOC on PancakeSwap
Buy exmoc on Apeswap
buy exmoc on bswap
Buy exmoc on tokpie
Buy Exmoc on coinsbit

$EXMOC Liquidity pool

EXMOC Liquidity pool on PancakeSwap

$EXMOC Staking pool

Exmoc Staking pool on coinbits

EXMOC Tokenomics

The rules govern the issuance and supply of a cryptocurrency. A cryptocurrency or token built on a blockchain typically has an algorithmically-determined distribution schedule.

$EXMOC tokens have a fixed total supply of 90,000,000,000, provisionally allocated to the following areas:

EXMOC Tokenomics

About us is a creator-centric NFT club and issuance platform, which functions on the EXMOC token, where users can purchase, resell Exmoc NFTs and collaborate with other club members. 

The Exmoc platform makes it easy for users to purchase unique digital items like artworks and collectibles. 

EXMOC.COM gives users a purchase platform that can be sorted and filtered by different categories to help them have a seamless and easy experience.

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