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Game Bug Bounty Program

NFT Trading Card Game on Binance Smart Chain BEP20

EXMOC Game Bug Bounty Program invites NFT gamers and security researchers to help identify security vulnerabilities in the EXMOC game. Qualified submissions are eligible for bounty rewards of 5000 to 2,000,000 EXMOC.

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Submit Bug

Thank you for reporting our bug. See you on the game!

About Bug Bounty Program

The EXMOC Bounty Program asks NFT Game players, security experts, and other individuals worldwide to assist in finding security flaws in the EXMOC network NFT game and services and report them to the EXMOC team. Submissions that meet the requirements are eligible for bounty rewards of 5000 to 2,000,000 EXMOC coins. The EXMOC Bounty Terms and Conditions, prizes will be given at EXMOC discretion based on the significance and effect of the vulnerability as well as the quality of the submission.


The EXMOC bounty programme aims to find severe flaws affecting EXMOC customers' security and NFT Gameplay measurably. Bug vulnerability submissions must fulfil the following requirements: identify a vulnerability that has not yet been reported.

Find a vulnerability that hasn't been disclosed before and that, at the time of submission, still exists in our most recent, include written or video or image instructions that are precise, simple, and replicable.

This enables the quickest possible assessment of entries and supports the largest bounty payouts.



Open a network account on EXMOC. We advise setting up one or more test accounts to conduct security vulnerability research. Access to EXMOC testing may be helpful. Please be aware that EXMOC will offer no test account for testing. To find out about upcoming EXMOC Insider events and the newest features, follow EXMOC on Twitter, the EXMOC community site, and the forums.



Awards for bounty hunters range from 5000 to 2,000,000 EXMOC coins. Based on report quality and vulnerability effects, EXMOC reserves the right to grant higher rewards. If a researcher's contribution results in a vulnerability repair but is not eligible for a bounty reward, they may still qualify for public acknowledgement.

EXMOC allocated 2.3 Billion EXMOC coins from its development fund to NFT Game Bug Bounty Program. Thank you.

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